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/ by Dr Margaret Aranda /

Yes, I used to prescribe anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxants and narcotics to patients in chronic or acute pain. Of course. The great thing is that this MD, PhD also became a patient with chronic pain herself.


Image 1. Classic Gold Littman Stethoscope. I think it’s elegant for women. Image Courtesy heartmonitormart.com.

My journey into the outer space non-earth world of chronic, severe pain began when I was assaulted by a patient while an Intern at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center (see Image 2). They say this was the biggest hospital in the world. At its prime, it served so many patients in so many floors of the hospital that one had to literally be in good enough physical shape to walk up and down countless stairs (waiting for elevators was useless) and open huge and heavy fire doors at each stairway.  After the 1992 Northridge…

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