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I Tweet a lot. A Lot. I like it.

In my travels through Twitter-land, I came across a very optimistic, positive woman, Marsha Wright. She has a ba-zillion Followers with over 24 million engagements/month. She’s a multiple best-selling author. I like her.

Slideshow of Marsha Wright. Entrepreneur, author, and inspirer. Visit her website here.

I like what Marsha Wright does on Sundays: hashtag #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is for positive quotes, and a good chance at a Re-Tweet (if you Tweet a lot, you know how important that is for outreach)! That’s great for invisible illness, chronic pain, dysautonomia, brain injury, disability, mental health, mindfulness and all the things I love in life. Increasing awareness. Being positive.

 Promote Positivity.

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

Get out your pens, as I think you already have your own original Quotes!

Everyone has a Quote they say all the time… for me, I use:

Lovin’ All My Caring Friends!


Always Lookin’ Out for You!

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

I wrote a short FaceBook Post and Shared it to many Groups. I was astounded when one man immediately commented by saying, “Hi, Spammer.” No, I stand corrected. He wrote,


‘Assuming the worst of someone that you don’t know’ is no longer acceptable on social media. Why not? Because you can always Google their name to first see who they are. What if you’re calling someone a name that is untrue and the Post gets removed by the Host? What if no one got to participate in Positive Quote Tweeting because of one comment? I was thinking about this and decided to write it up as I think like a doctor.

Doctors don’t just ‘do’ things without thinking about the risk:benefit ratio first.

Here’s the thinking:

“What will happen if I do this?”
“What will happen if I don’t?”
“What are the exact risks, including the worst thing that could happen?”
“What are the benefits, including the best thing that could happen?”
“Do the risks outweigh the benefits?” (Because they have to, for doctors.)
“What complications do I expect, if I do this now?”

This is why I am blogging a Post about social media and an adverse Comment about SPAM: It had this effect – the Host of the FaceBook Group immediately removed my Post. No one in that Group has a chance to participate.


“Long ago, I gave up trying to figure out how other people think.”

“Something good always comes out of something bad.”

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

What IS and ISN’T SPAM?

10 Characteristics of SPAM:

  1. Originally known as email solicitation, it is still considered SPAM if a bulk of tons of the same, unindividualized advertising, for-profit mail that goes out to tons of people that never asked for it, especially if it is sent to a private email address. That’s SPAM.
  2. It’s also called SPAM if you lure someone in to Click on your deceiving link. If I Follow you on Twitter and you say, “Thank you for the Follow. Check out my link here: xxx.” Well, I know you’ll probably take me to LIKE your FaceBook page. But if you say, “Let’s talk” and give me the FB link, that’s Spam.
  3. If you tell me that you’re taking me to your FaceBook page and instead you take me to your private business site, that’s Spam. You have to tell the truth.
  4. The name SPAM is after the food that comes in a can. In 1970, Monty Python popularized a funny skit with Vikings singing about how they don’t like SPAM as it was featured in every dish in the diner’s breakfast menu!
  5. No one likes SPAM or Spam. (As you’ll see, this isn’t entirely true.)
  6. SPAM is made by Hormel Foods Corporation. It’s made of mostly pork shoulder. Add salt, preservatives and high-pressure to ship anywhere like Guam. Hawaiians use it 4 million cans/year, as they like it in sushi; they’re the #1 consumer. There are about 44,000 SPAM cans made/hour and the Americans eat 3.8 cans/second. 
  7. If you social media Message someone you know 5 times a day (even with different messages), that’s SPAM. That includes email, Twitter Direct Message, FaceBook Personal Message and such. (Obviously, your husband isn’t Spam.)
  8. If you Mention me in a Tweet as I’ve asked you to, or I know you, that’s ok. But if I Tweeted a Tweet on ‘The Benefits of Being Positive’ and then you publicly Mention me in a Tweet that’s on “The Benefits of Being Negative,” that’s Spam. (So Direct message me instead.)
  9. It’s also SPAM if you publicly disagree with my Tweet. Personal Message me instead. If you have a problem with someone, don’t go public. Do it privately. General rule in life: pick up the phone.
  10. Self-promotion may be shameless but it’s not Spam. And if there is something offered for FREE, it is a ‘give and take’ and it’s not Spam. For example, if I give you Chapter One of my book FREE and Tweet it out with the link, that’s not Spam. (And there’s my Chapter One.)

Be careful when you call someone a SPAMMER. It’s easy to get more information on what is and is not SPAM, so try to be accurate. And if you think you’re receiving SPAM, and you have a professional or personal relationship with that person, just talk to them about it. Many times, even social media experts don’t realize that they are doing that to their friends. Again, just talk. Tell the person you didn’t like the message as it sounded like a mass message and ask them not to send you anything that isn’t just for you. No worries.

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Slideshow. The Original SPAM that No One Likes.  Monty Python video and suspended-in-time personal photo. Image Courtesy: YouTube.com and my friend Gary Whalen extraordinaire, from his actual workbench, today.

Now it’s time for positivity and smiles and laughter and have a great day and make every Sunday count for your family and loved ones, yes?


“Cherish the Moments.” ~ Dr. Margaret Aranda

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Explain this Article to a 5-year Old

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