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Well, it’s pretty hard to find any 2-year old who likes a Ladybug.

But being the biologist that she is, Dr. Margaret Aranda wanted her daughter to like them!

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With that in mind, Dr Margaret Aranda designed a 2-year old Birthday Party with a Ladybug Theme!

Here’s a real party plan she gave to her real daughter yes, on her 2-year-old birthday!

Thank you to Tate Publishing for turning Little Missy Two-Shoes’ real photo into her book cover!

You can do A Ladybug Party!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Guests: Have everyone wear black and red;
  2. Backup for ‘Undressed’ Guests: Greet guests with a basket of ‘ears!’ Undressed guests get to wear ‘Ladybug Ears’ made of plastic headbands – just wrap two felt pipe-cleaners to it! Attach black & red pom-poms to the tops;
  3. Decorations: Get red, black and green helium balloons – string to the ceiling with alternating ribbons in green, red and black;
  4. Bake a Ladybug Cake: use red velvet cake mix and bake in an oven-proof bowl. Practice 3 times before the actual party; give away taste tests! Let it cool. Frost with chocolate frosting, use Oreo cookies for eyes and dots; and serve on a bed of lettuce. Outline with black or red licorice.
  5. Snack: Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Carrots augment any garden, so use these colorful dishes perhaps with cubed cheese and bread or crackers for a tidy snack;
  6. Buy Real Ladybugs: at the local nursery. Ladybugs are best released at twilight to eat all the aphid bugs that bite holes in your roses. Refrigerate overnight before party;
  7. Volunteer Animal-Lover: this person agrees to have ladybugs leashed on her or him, and have a great, white smile extraordinaire;
  8. Ladybug Book Reading: One book reader does a Book Reading of ‘Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug‘ ~ best done before Ladybug Spree;
  9. Ladybug Spree: After kids snack and sit for the Book Reading, have Volunteer sit on a chair smiling as the ladybug dish is opened and all the ladybugs harmlessly walk and sit and fly around! Best done after Ladybug Book Reading is done~ Cool!
  10. Ladybug Cake: Birthday girl or boy gets to blow out the candles and then pick the first piece of cake! Serve with small portions of vanilla or cherry vanilla ice cream!



Maybe if you enter your very own Ladybug Cake in a baking contest, you could win a prize, too!


Little Missy Two-Shoes gets your per-schooler to realize that the roses and mountains and sunsets and butterflies live in the same world as ladybugs, too, so she knows …


Ladybugs sing and dance!

~Little Missy Two-Shoes

🐞 🐞 🐞




Little Missy Two-Shoes Won Nancy Mills’ Top 12 Spirited Woman Book Pick List!

Thank you, Nancy Mills!


Book 1: Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug

Book 2: Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to go to School

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~ thank you to Art Jonak for sending Missy a Sweet Mouse & Doll ~


OOoooooOOOOH! So Cute!

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