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Thanksgiving Day 2016 is the day of this writing. Night, actually.

I’m just thinking about all the things that #IAmGratefulFor: my beating heart, a God who gave me a second chance at life, my children whose eyes and hands carry love, and all the adults who contributed to make me who I am today. I am remembering all of you.

Who am I really?

I’m no one special – we are each special.

That is the truth.

~Dr Margaret Aranda

At millions of dinner tables this day, there was a lot of talk about #success.

Everyone wants to be proud of where they are and how hard they’ve worked to attain college entrance, job promotion, business success, book sales, leadership roles and entrepreneurial motivation. Billion of Tweets go out on:

  • #socialmedia
  • #Leadership
  • #Entrepreneur
  • #motivation
  • #inspiration
  • #quotes
  • #business

There’s lots of advice about what to do, what not to do, how to play the rules the right way when it comes to Twitter or Facebook or spam, and successfully writing articles. Additionally, some have told their stories on how they turned a company into 11 million strong, or have 5-time Best Seller books. Or they tell you 10 things on expanding your horizons to get a ba-jillion Followers on your own. This is all kind of like becoming a movie star in a niche business world.

As I mused today, here’s one thing I noticed:

No one becomes anyone without the help of God and supporters.

But I don’t see very many people giving credit to anyone else.

~ ~ ~

And “Success” isn’t the End-All. Perseverance is.

I mean,

“Who was important in your life, that led you to persevere

as much as you did?”

Isn’t that Real Life?

~Dr. Margaret Aranda


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~ ~ ~

How about if we stop to muse and reflect on exactly how we got to be successful? So here’s my List of 3 Influencers that are Important to Me. This article is not to ‘LIKE’ or ‘smiley face’ or to Share. Just absorb it in your skin and remember it.

This is all I want you to do: Cherish this Moment.


#1: Unlike other people, God listened to me.

~Dr. Margaret Aranda






#1: Thanks to My Biggest Believer:

I do believe in God (and not ‘religion’ so much).

He gets the credit for actually listening to my pleas as I begged him, “I’m not ready to die.”

He listened.

He considered what I had to say.

I mean, He really listened.




#2: You didn’t realize what an important coach you were to me.

~Dr. Margaret Aranda



#2 Thanks to my Unashamed Believers:

Certainly there were a host of people who “believed in me” my whole life long.

I didn’t realize their importance.

I didn’t know the effect they had on my future.

But looking back now, thank you to all those who supported my efforts and assisted in promoting my academic, physical and spiritual dialect:

You made me strong.

You taught me the real meaning of Perseverance.


#3: Thanks for your negativity. I took it and polarized it into positivity.

~Dr. Margaret Aranda


#3: Thanks to All My Disbelievers:

No one is immune to ‘disbelievers’ who mock or gossip.

You told me that I would never, ever get into medical school.

You said I was dreaming.

Thank you, too as you made me stronger in my will to produce every piece of paper that I could hold in my hand.

I never could have gotten into medical school, written scientific manuscripts or held prestigious positions without your making me so, so headstrong. I never would have known what it was like to polarize negativity into positivity. So, thanks.

That’s all I wanted to say this day.

I never did anything by myself.

Dr. Margaret Aranda

For all these reasons,

When you announce your accomplishments,

I think it’s important to acknowledge others.

Dr. Margaret Aranda


~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

For the reasons stated above, I’m not putting any links to anything here, like I usually do. 

If this has special meaning to you, do me a favor and just keep it in your heart.

~ ~ ~

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