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For any blog article, you need good images.

Here’s My List of top reasons why you should use images on all your posts:

  1. Speak: people just muse and even get lost in great photos.
  2. Brand: use corresponding colors or themes to set your clean image.
  3. Advertise: Imprint your logo, brand, Twitter handle, FB Page or website.
  4. Feel: photos can easily elicit an emotion that draws people to your point.
  5. Focus: some points are just better said with a photo.
  6. Smart: a photo is a photo. But… be smart and know this: one photo is also a Tweet, a Facebook image and a Pin on Pinterest.
  7. Engage: When shared on Pinterest directly from your blog, an image can serve as another FB and Tweet (i.e., every time a Pin is shared). Think about that outreach.
  8. Multiply: if made from the Pinterest widget, they all lead back to your website. The mathematics are logarithmic. So, Pin after you blog!
  9. Eye Candy: To further drive engagement and just add some spice, set your pic to the right or left of your text.
  10. Quote: Consider making your own quotes, based on your blog focus. Then Tweet!


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