You’ve decided to choose really great photos for your blog or article! Great!

Make sure not to use a Copyrighted article without the permission of the author.

If you download it from Google or another Search engine, perhaps  the safest use is to choose a photo that is already imprinted with the Photographer’s name.

Now let’s get to the meat of “How To” by doing a Google Search.

  1. Go to Google:
  2. Key Words: You need to enter at least two words, called Key Words. They’re ‘key‘ because they are important. Putting in the right words will create a great Search.
  3. Enter 1st Key Word: Type one:  “pic” or “photo” or “image” or for more professional images of higher resolution, type “high-res” or “high resolution.”
  4. Enter 2nd Key Word: Choose your noun. Is it a lights? Be specific. For example, you could use: “car lights” or “sky lights” or “black light” or “city lights.” Don’t waste your time. Try to spend the most time on this step.
  5. Number Shown: If there are literally thousands of images, you’ll have ‘color choices’ at the top. Simply choose your color and then look at the images.
  6. Resolution: The number of pixels or tiny dots used to make the image are listed, such as “200 x 300 pixels.” Look at the resolution then note the shape of the image.
  7. Shape: Are you writing a blog? The size can be 1000 x 2000 pixels or larger; the shape can be square (2000 x 2000 pixels for a great image) or rectangular (200 x 350 pixels for a small rectangle).
  8. View More: After you select the resolution and shape that you like, double click on the photo. It enlarges for you. If it’s not perfect, then hit, “View Similar” and many other similar images appear on another double-click.
  9. Download Image: Many photos are downloadable. Click “View” and the image pops up on a new website tab. Then go to your main computer setting, click “File” and on the dropdown menu, pick “Save As.” Name your image, e.g., ‘CarLights.’ Then Click “Export File” and save it in a Folder. You can go back to it later.
  10. Image Credit: I like to give credit to the photographer. So, many times I’ll save the File with the Image Credit in the name, e.g., “” so I know who to credit. Sometimes, the website no longer exists but I like to credit it anyway. ;).
High resolution image of blue car lights.
Take your time looking at the image resolution (1600 x 1607), shape (almost a perfect square)
and the Image Courtesy.

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Now try it ~ Have Fun ~
Hmmm…. “Which One Shall I Choose?”

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 This is a partial reprint of a previous beBee article that was too long, in my opinion.
Take these short steps at ease.