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You just realized how important it is to use images on your blog. Then you reviewed how to pick a good pic! Now, let’s make sure that you create a link to take people to the person who took the picture!

This process is for inserting any link into virtually (no pun intended) any WordPress site. You can review the sequential steps here, using the example of crediting a photographer:

  1. Organize: Here are 3 key components you have at hand – (a) highlighted word(s) + (b) a website url that starts with “https://www…” and you need to decide (c) will you keep people on the same website page, or will you have them open the link on a new tab?
  2. To Open or Not Open: For the former option, don’t make people open another tab if you’re “back-linking” to another article on your own website. For the latter option, you make sure that when they ‘leave’ to follow the link, you’re site is still opened and they can easily ‘come back’ to you.
  3. Highlight the Words.
  4. Click on the ‘Link’ Widget: it’s at the top of your Editor page (see image below).
  5. Assess the Form. A drop-down form appears and you need to fill it out. It will automatically fill itself out: (a) the url is automatic. Don’t touch it, friend; (b) the Title is what you have already highlighted!
  6. Paste (Control + V) your Highlighted text onto “Text” or “Title.”
  7. New Link? Put checkmark for “Yes” if you don’t want the reader to leave your website. If it’s your own link to the same website the reader is on, Click “No” or leave it blank.
  8. “Add Link.” Simply click on it to finalize.
  9. Double Check. After you publish your blog, click on all your own links to make sure of two things: (a) they go to the proper url and (b) your highlighted words make sense.
  10. Take a Bird’s Eye View: look at your article and make sure it’s not filled with tons of links.

Too many links are distracting

and you want people to look at your images,

not your links!

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

((lol)) Have Fun! ((lol))


This is what this article is all about! The Link Feature!

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