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This article is key to all the other lessons in this Series. Be sure of that.
I hope this helps people who are not used to:

Writing WordPress blogs

Importing WordPress images

Sizing WordPress photos for Twitter, FB or Pinterest

Using Pablo.com and Buffer.com

From the first 3 Lessons in this Series, you know:

Go ahead and do this 6-minute read before going on, please. I’m relying on the fact that you have all the knowledge previously shared with you. If you read them now and then come back:
…Everything you read with glisten and glow
– it’ll be the icing on the cake!
~Dr Margaret Aranda
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I’ll wait for you! Go to Lesson #1 first – you’ll be glad you did!
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Here’s where this post really starts: Now, you’re ready to have eye-catching new images spectacularly displayed on Twitter, Pinterest, G+, or Facebook (FB). With 1 – 3 images per article, maximize  your flexibility and variation for the same Tweet to be attached, say, to 3 images.
This is very professional!
You have an image selected, saved and ready to import to your WordPress author, publisher or blog site. Here are 10 steps to professionally leverage your images on WordPress:
  1. Where to Import your Pic: always place an image after your discussion in the text, and refer to it when you’d like the reader to go look at it by inserting words like:       “… (see Table 3).” or “… (see below).”
  2. Decide – FB/Twitter vs. Pinterest: Twitter and FB both use a ‘horizontal,’ smaller rectangular photo than Pinterest pins.
  3. Quotes: You can use images with a quote, as these are great for both Pinterest and Twitter.
  4. Making your Own Images: You can put your own quotes onto images (fun!).
  5. Assist Apps for Quotes: For quotes or photo credits, I use photo/social media toolkit via Pablo.com 
  6. Assist App for Buffering: Add Buffer.com for the win! Buffer lets you repeat the same posts to all your sites.  There’s a FREE version of Pablo and Buffer, and you can upgrade for a nominal monthly cost.
  7. Pinterest: Let’s see what happens when you ‘Share’ this very article on Pinterest: you see the different Pin shapes. Just hit the Pinterest ‘Share’ button below to see. No worries, I put it on your “To Do List” below.
  8. FREE Pin: A nice, solid ‘Pinterest Block’ usually appears, as a professional courtesy (see the brown Pinterest pin, below).
  9. WordPress Resizing and Image Position: For the professional touch, it’s now time to move your images left and right, reduce or enlarge their size and put corresponding text near each image. You decide! Let’s look at this feature for a moment, as it is the crux of this article:
Resize and Center Image. I think it looks professional to have images ‘move’ left-to-right along an article. For the “Featured Image” and those that are high-resolution, note that I like to keep them in the Center. It’s nice that you can have text that ‘follows’ you around, automatically. Specifically, you can choose whether you want the photo on the left or the right and whether or not to surround the photo with words.
So the benefits of learning how to use this function outweigh the risks of getting a headache as you learn this step ;). Go ahead and pay special attention to this detail, as you’ve worked so hard to find, import, link and display your showcased images (see below).
Importing a photo from WordPress automatically displays it Centered and without text around it. You can hit one of the buttons on the left to put the photo Center, Left or Right.
Check it out, as here you can also add words to the right:
This Selection will give you the Photo on the Left.
The Text will wrap around to the Right (see the image and text example below, used with this button).
~ ~ ~
10. Preview & Re-Edit before Publishing. After selecting this Function, I find that I need to ‘Preview’ my blog before I ‘Publish’ it, as the words don’t always wrap around in editing mode exactly like I want it to display.  So be prepared to take a little more time before you Publish. Make it all look so nice. It’s worth the extra time spent.
Thank you for reading my articles.
~ ~ ~
I used Pablo to select an image.
~ ~ ~
Then I wrote my own Quote.
~ ~ ~
I selected Pablo’s “Pinterest” feature.
~ ~ ~ 
I inserted this image using the button described above (text on right).
Then I put my cursor on the corner of the image to reduce its size.
~ ~ ~
Then I hit ‘Preview’ about 10x before “Publish” to make it all nice.
! ! !
Was it worth it? Absolutely!
~ ~ ~

Your To Do List:

Open a Pinterest Account!
Hit the Pinterest Button below!
When you Pin, you can Tweet & FB simultaneously!
Be sure to be on Pinterest!
~ ~ ~
Best to you in all your endeavors!
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May we do our best to
“Put our Best Image Forward!”
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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-2-02-17-amLook at the beautiful Pins made with great thought, starting from Series #1!

The next article will be on Using Pinterest! Get your account opened today!

You can make your own Pins after posting a Post, and Pin them right away

….and also post them to FB and Twitter at the same time!

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