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I’m giving you My 5 Secrets here so you can post cool images to social media & your friends!


You get to hear it first, right here and now. So realize that you are very special to me. No one ever did anything like this for me but I consider you to be a friend and well… what are friends for? I already went over these in Series #1-4! Recap!

We help one another. That’s what life is all about. That’s what doctors do. I’ve been bed-ridden for the last 10 years and well… that’s my expertise. Lots of horrid experiences, but I’ve learned to take day at a time. Just one day, and sometimes? We take one minute at a time. So Cherish the Moments, friends. Make Moments & Cherish them. And know that am Cherishing this Moment with You.
  1. My Secret #1: For the best Pinterest Pins, select an oblong ‘vertical,’ larger photo.
  2. My Secret #2: These days, people love to Share inspiration, motivation and positivity on Twitter. Do it.
  3. My Secret #3: I love Pinterest, as it creates images for all my social media needs: Pinterest, FB, Twitter and even Linkedin.
  4. My Secret #4: Use Pablo.com to make quotes, do ‘image courtesy’ and plan ahead for Pinterest, Twitter, FB and LinkedIn! Use Buffer.com* not just to Post blogs repeatedly, but to analyze best Tweets with the Analytics function! It’s EZ! (WoW, I must really like you, as I’m giving away all my secrets!)
  5. My Huge Secret #5: You do have a Pinterest account, right? ~ If not, go get one now as it is going to benefit you so, so much! Leave all your works as a testimony, history, and your own reference!
 All the work that you’ve learned and done in my Social Media Photo Series is applicable to just these feature that most people don’t even know or use! 


I must Love You to let you in on this! ~ of course I do!


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