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These men wrote Book Reviews for the Introduction of Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time by Dr. Margaret Aranda. Each is a woman’s healthcare expert in his own right.

1. Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., Best-Selling Author

Forgive to Win

“When Dr. Aranda asked me if I would read her book “Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time” and write a short testimonial if I felt the book deserved my praise, I agreed to do so as a favor to her more than anything else because I did not think the subject matter would appeal to me. I was wrong. This is an incredibly interesting book that is extremely informative and covers in great detail the many issues a woman has to deal with in her life journey from childhood to old age. The material is important for women insofar as it brilliantly educates and instructs. Additionally, it is a valuable resource for men, to help them better understand and appreciate the women in their lives. Kudos to Dr. Aranda for her vast knowledge and compassion.

Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., Psychiatrist,     walterjacobson


Author of Best-Selling Book,

book-forgive-to-winForgive to Win


Einstein’s Cosmic Journey

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2. Wayne Connell, Invisible Disabilities Association

“The need for a focus on invisible disabilities is way past due, and Dr. Aranda displays her wealth of experience not only as a physician but also as a patient and as a friend to many others who suffer of chronic illness. Dr. Aranda was the 2011 Invisible Disabilities Association Perseverance Honors Award recipient, and we are pleased that she is taking her task from her bedridden state to the world, in order to help the lost and forgotten.”

Wayne Connell, Founder and President,

 Invisible Disabilities® Association (IDA)

Co-Author, “But you LOOK Good

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3. Sayed H. Rohani, Novelist & Playwright

Archives of the Vagina: A Journey Through Time,” written by Dr. Margaret Aranda, is a marvelous book concerning female human body as it ages and women’s health. The author has masterfully exploited her personal experiences and created such a masterpiece that will excel any other book in its related area. The book is clear, simple, precise, and even fun, besides being highly informative. I would love to endorse the book to be used not only by girls and women, but also recommend it for high schools and colleges to be utilized as a textbook.
—Sayed H. Rohani,
Novelist, Playwright

4. Harry Finley, MUM


“What an interesting book and great contribution to understanding menstruation! As an outsider but an insider at the same time, I recommend it especially to any man looking to enter this odd world off limits to males. Good reading!”

Harry Finley, Founder & Director

Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health


5. Hitesh Kakkad, INDIA

“We are honored to have Dr. Margaret Aranda on a personal quest to enlighten a whole spectrum of hidden disabilities. This book is highly recommended to all men and women for its richness in humor, history, the essence of the female paths of growth, and most especially for its devotion to exposing the complexities of Neurological Disorders for all.”
Hitesh Kakkad; Founder and President, INDIA,
Invisible Neurological Disorders Illness Association

6. Zoran K. Basich, Esq.

Failure to plan for retirement, as Dr. Aranda states, is not the only problem. Women tend to be Caregivers and the need to plan for long-term care can not be understated; she hits it right on the dot.
Elder Law Attorney
Nursing Home Solutions, Inc.

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