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 Not for children. Parental supervision recommended.
My “first talk” wasn’t actually a “talk” talk. I was thirteen years old, and my mother handed me a red hardcover book. The Red Book. I was told to turn to say, the seventh chapter. Okay, basic anatomy. The vagina was depicted in a large color illustration of the uterus and fallopian tubes, and there was a small illustration of the penis.
No preamble, no introduction, no warning. Initially it was pretty boring. A couple was sitting on the couch. They made it clear that it was a married couple. They made a big deal about that part. Horrified, my eyes widened as the penis was inserted into the vagina. What? I had to read it over again. How did that happen so fast? Wait! How did that happen so fast? How could that happen with their clothes on? I read it again. They definitely still had their clothes on.

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