What a timely book for today’s women. Archives of the Vagina: A Journey Through Time is timeless and encapsulates the essence of what women and girls need to know about the female human body as it ages. Dr. Aranda’s book on women’s health is poised to set a new bar. The treatise on Aristotle and the medical thinking of ancient times is enlightening, and the real stories on periods and menopause are tongue-in-cheek, boisterous, and fun. So who should read this book? I think this book can be given to a girl one chapter at a time and, as she ages, be used as a comprehensive reference.  As an age-management physician myself, I find that the concepts on hormone-replacement therapy, nutrition, and exercise are unparalleled for telling today’s women and girls what they need to know now.
And from a man’s perspective, I think this book will enlighten men on the inner complexities of their women and girls and how the changes from menarche to menopause affect them all. The reader is engrossed in self-reflection throughout, making the principles personal and relevant. Dr. Aranda has captured the transfer of knowledge to successfully advance the causes of healthy aging, patient education, and relationships. This is simply excellence in medicine.
Jeffrey P. Leake, MD       screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-5-05-31-am
Partner and Director,
Physician Certification and Training
Age Management
Course Director for Physician Training and
Certification in Age Management Medicine