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Thank you for reading on the importance of Re-Tweeting your friends, and for realizing that Pinning serves as a library for all your Tweets and blogs, too.

What’s Pinterest? It’s like a bulletin board with thumb tacks holding up different categories. Take content from all your social media sites: blogs, Google+, Twitter.

To Pin from FB, just hover over an image. The Pinterest logo appears if you can Pin.

5 Steps- Pin to your first Pinterest Board:

  1. You’ve already read Article #1 to  Set up a Pinterest account & Set up the Pinterest Tool Bar Go ahead and go there now; you are set up to come back!  This page isn’t going anywhere.
  2. Click your Pinterest tool now, as you read this article. Wait 5 seconds. Then see all the Pins that appear? Click on 1 to Pin it to your social media board!
  3. Make Decisions. You can Edit the Pin: (a) Add your own Twitter name (highly recommended) or state a personal message. (b) Increase your social media sharing:  At the bottom of your Pin, Click “Share to: 🔲 Facebook &  🔲Twitter. Now you see why I want you to start Pinning! It keeps all your blogs & Tweets in one place for all the world to see! Forever!
  4. Hit “Pin!” Congratulations! You just Pinned your first social media article on Pinning to your first Pin on your very own Pinterest Board!
  5. Confirm that you Pinned A pop-up announcement says you were successful. The Confirmation also says,”See Pin Now” to re-Pin the same Pin to another board. Keep doing this repeatedly to Pin to each Board. It’s that simple – now you’re a Pro.

Share. See my Social Media Pinterest Board for examples of how friendships and information is best utilized by promoting others, too… just my opinion. Also, this is a great gift #DIY for all your social media buffs, your family and your employer, too! Here are a few Pinterest Boards I make as gifts for others:

#1 BONUS: Finally, to top off your social media skills, go to the bottom of this article and Click the “Twitter” button (Don’t have Twitter yet? Start Tweeting by going here today!) “Mention” @DrMargareAranda in this article’s Tweet! She doesn’t mind at all, and this is a perfect example of how you are just being a friend by surprising someone by Tweeting their writings!

It’s funny how we’re not supposed to self-promote our books or services but how hard is it to find someone else that actually will Tweet your writings?

~Dr. Margaret Aranda
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Let’s make 2017 Very Special, shall we?

Pin from this Article by hitting the Pinterest tool bar!

Tweet this Article on your Page by hitting the Tweet button!

In the Tweet, add the author of the article by giving a Mention to @DrMargareAranda!

All in Fun and You’re Off to a Good Start!

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