Some of you have been following my blog and I want to be the first to share some things I’ve been doing without reading any guides. It just happened that I was thinking of Christmas gifts to give my friends… so that’s how this story started!

So many social media experts give great advice. It pays to listen to someone who’s been Tweeting or posting on Facebook for 10 years.


Having secrets about social media hints to reach your most-engaged friends (not “Followers”) is the key. And this year, I gave several authors and friends their own Pinterest Boards for Christmas!

Why, I have over 312 Boards on my Pinterest, with 48.3K Pins, and I want you to share in this great, permanent way to save all your Tweets, blogs, G+, and Google Searches!

You should Pin on Pinterest, too!
~Dr Margaret Aranda

But what’s the big secret about being a friend and doing a Re-Tweet (RT) on content from their Twitter page, to yours? It’s not a marketing ploy or a sales pitchy aspect of a friendship to simply run along to 5 or 10 different Twitter friends, RT their content, say “Thanks for being you” and run along while others come to your page for more variety, less self-promoting, and well… friendship!

In the end, being a friend is all you have to do.

It’s not ‘social media.’ It’s a friendship.

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

Here’s 5 Ways to be a Friend on Twitter with a BONUS:

  1. Lift one another up. I RT, you RT, we both RT and we just feel good inside. It’s a great feeling to contribute messages to the international arena, especially if you have a great message. Same thing with Pinterest: in my opinion, any Twitter page or Pinterest board is optimized with ‘outside’ content from other supporters of the topics at hand.
  2. Say ‘Thank You.’ Manners are important in every aspect in your life, whether it’s your children, partner, employees or the grocery store clerk. Use manners on Twitter, too. You’d be surprised how much 1 simple ‘Thank You‘ can do for somebody’s day. Here are some examples: Say, “Thank You for Following me” “Thank You for the RT” “Thank you for the Mention.”
  3. Give recognition. Publicly appreciate your Top Supporters & Influencers, RT-ers, those who “Mention.” After all, these friends are engaged in what you do, and it’s a real partnership on Twitter.
  4. Do your math. I use as an indispensable tool to do the math on the number of RTs and Mentions. These are the most important data sets to track engagement. This tool allows me to see, for example, person @MediBasket with this: 0 RT, 0 Mentions vs. my 3 RTs and 2 Mentions.
  5. Engage, or Don’t Engage. In this example #4, I decide: I won’t RT anything this moment. I don’t want to unnecessarily SPAM someone who virtually never RTs anyone else’s Tweets at all, or someone who doesn’t engage with me. It’s all in fun, anyway and we should all be friendly and not overbearing. My Top RT-ers RT virtually everything I send when I ‘Tag’ as a Mention. What’s a “Mention” you ask? It’s when you (or in this case, Tweets something like this:

@sherrig108 @DrMargareAranda @SelimYeniceri @JETAR9 @JulezPooh @TBGTNT : Thank you for being Top Engaged in my community this week. Sent by – get this FREE

In this example, I Tagged 6 identities in a Mention. (Go ahead and Tag me if you think your content is valuable. I’ll decide whether or not to RT it). There is literally no way for me to otherwise track RTs or Mentions other than by using a Twitter market tool, folks. Thank you for bearing with me on this one, and really…

… no one has ever complained about an automated ‘Thank You’ for a Follow, RT, or Mention.

pinterestlogo#1 BONUS to Max Out: Many people don’t know that when someone Pins a Pin from your Pinterest Board, they can choose to Tweet and FB at the same time! That is why I’ve invested so much of my social media time to Pinning. It’s a permanent folder that looks pretty, too.

#2 BONUS to Max Out: I’ve said this several times now, but I’ll say it again:

  • Embed the Pinterest tool bar (see Pinteres icon to the left?)  on your coscreen-shot-2016-12-24-at-1-10-32-ammputer! This way, you can simply Click it – and POOF! A bunch of Pins pop up and… you can Pin away! Follow these steps now:
  1. First Join Pinterest.
  2. Then Download the FREE Pinterest Browser button to your tool bar.
  3. Then come back to this article.
  4. ** Get Pins ** Click your icon (looks like icon on the left)!
  5. WoW! Tons of Pins show up – one for each image and… they automatically link back to this url website article   😉 ! That’s why my social media article Series started off with My Article #1.


More hints will be coming later, but just wanted to get this out to you, my friends.

Have a happy vacation time with your family… and if you know a single person or someone who is out of town, think about inviting them as your guest to sit at your table. That’s the reason for the Season!

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