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“…and Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!”

~ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

by Jonny Mathis (lyrics)

Let’s get our minds set that we’re going to have a great Holiday season and try to be in a good mood.

Well, with kids running around, or unexpected company, or with teens who aren’t allowed to go into the living room (in fear that more company with more kids aren’t unexpectedly knocking on the door even now), it can be a challenge to be “peaceful.”

The list of problems can be longer than your own Wish List; chronic illness, pain, depression, and even suicidal behavior can loom.



The Holidays are particularly lonely for single people, children without parents, and parents without children.

We can stop and cherish a moment of prayer for the hungry, too. And for all mourning the death of singer George Michael, one of our favorite 80’s singers.

The following practices are useful every day, not just for Holiday vacation.

10 Ways to Be Santa’s Peace at Home:


1. Be Grateful: You are your own peace. You have the internet, eyes and fingers, much more than most.  Just take a deep breath and smile. Everyone looks better with a smile and a twinkle in their eye. Yes, be your own Santa. Seriously, why not?


2. Be Santa: Here’s how Santa brought peace: giving, twinkling, laughing with a bowl of jelly.

Try to make someone else smile and let’s spread the real spirit of Christmas.

Try to extend unending optimism and happiness.

It’s bound to hit a few of the lonely, making the world a better place.

3. Be Messy: for a change, let everything get a little messy like Santa’s workroom.

messy-bun-imageJust keep it healthy, for example, with kitchen and bathroom cleanliness.

Give yourself a break.

And if you can do a messy bun, here are directions to make you feel just a little perked up!


4. Listen to music: soothes the soul. Music has been shown to decrease chronic pain and depression by 20 – 25%.

5. Give Hugs. Cherish those around you and hug them like you’re never going to see them again. Heart-to-heart hugs for 5 seconds have been shown to optimize health… and they’re contagious, build moments to cherish, giving children memories of a loving childhood.

Wishing you joy and peace every day, not just during the Holidays.

~ ~ ~

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