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Is it just me, or are people using the word, ‘luck’ more often?

I applied for an intern type of position and was rejected. It was explained that I ‘wasn’t lucky.’

Tate Publishing emailed me, sending me to their main website. Since I published 5 books with Tate already, my only Click leads me to either wait for further contact or terminate my Contract. The last sentence reads,

We extend our sincerest thanks to our clients for allowing us to serve them, and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

~ Tate Publishing

Thoughts: this is supposed to be a ‘Christian’ company. Where is God? (Make that, “Thought”)


Thought: If this is all the information a published author has received to date, how is it forthcoming enough to volunteer to terminate a contract? And pay $50 per book for it?  … by check, money order or cashier’s check, no credit cards … 

For those of us with published books, it looks like we’re waiting for someone else to market for us … but wait!

Hey! But wait! I’m doing my own marketing on Twitter!

I have lovely friends Tweet my books: @Selim Yeniceri, @JETAR9, @nine_oh, @JulezPooh, @TBGTNT, @losman1976, @ChronicPainDad, @jiggaz31,@fibromadness, @omasoncharles, @RayLooker1, @SkyeWolfie, @AliTheKing19, @lunatictravel, @KirbyLana @AquaSolutionsAFM and more – you need to read all my social media articles and go on Twitter!

What if Tate was supposed to ‘release’ my book, soon? My choice is to either wait for an alternate publisher, or to go here to terminate. My 6th book is Coming Soon and I’m so happy I’m not relying on Tate. So I just realized:

If I had gone with Tate, my book would be in limbo. No, purgatory.

Again, if you know the ‘bad luck’ I’ve had in my life, you’d think the publisher is having problems just because of me! I looked at what Tate said to new Authors whose books have not been released. Mind you, that means that an author with a new book could have gone back and forth with a publisher several times, over the course of 3 – 6 months, or longer:


Thought: That’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears deleted with a click of a button. So many revisions were potentially made on someone’s book, and the author may not even have access to the most recent work.  All… that  … work …

Short note to vendors:


I wish our new publishing house was up and running and could open its arms to all the authors affected by this unfortunate sequence of unfolding events. Anyone want to invest in a publishing company? Who knows, right?

I do know one thing: It’s not luck that’s going to get us out of this plight. It’s God, and I’m not afraid to say it. I pray for all affected.

I’m going to hope for the best, plow onward and forward, and see how things unfold. Thanks for staying with me on this one. Let us know if you hear anything. Thanks.

You’re amazing and incredible.


I got rejected from a handful of medical schools. So I’m used to being rejected. And I’m used to being told flat-out that my application was rejected. I’m just not used to blaming these things on ‘luck.’

Luck doesn’t have anything to with the decisions that other people make about your life. Other people can control your life by choosing to put you in a less than optimal position.

What happens next is due to you, how you react, and whether or not you take it to God.

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