Dr. Author

These men wrote Book Reviews for the Introduction of Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time by Dr. Margaret Aranda. Each is a woman’s healthcare expert in his own right.

1. Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., Best-Selling Author

Forgive to Win

“When Dr. Aranda asked me if I would read her book “Archives of the Vagina: A Journey through Time” and write a short testimonial if I felt the book deserved my praise, I agreed to do so as a favor to her more than anything else because I did not think the subject matter would appeal to me. I was wrong. This is an incredibly interesting book that is extremely informative and covers in great detail the many issues a woman has to deal with in her life journey from childhood to old age. The material is important for women insofar as it brilliantly educates and instructs. Additionally…

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