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About two days ago, I received unofficial word that Tate will end up keeping any and all money made from any book sales. Reportedly, they are not paying Amazon and other vendors for services. This is just the word. I have not confirmed it. Of course, I’m not going to call them. Reportedly, it is very difficult to have someone answer their phone.

I’m not going to get in a huff about this.
I’m going to remain composed and logical.


I’ll just keep smiling in a classy sort of way,
Plugging like a locomotive snow train sort of day.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

Onward & Forward We Go!

I’ve been marketing my own books, together with a group of lovely Twitter friends who I respect and admire (so many to include, and I just can’t do it, but thank you to all!). And I know authors struggle, in general, anyway, and I promised to keep people informed, as I was informed. So that is what I am doing.

I was adjusting to this news until now,

and have not made any changes in what I am doing.

But probably within a couple of days,

I will stop Tweeting on my own books and instead,

I’ll ‘save’ Tweet collections as in a “Moment”

on each of my Twitter profiles.

Yes, I am sad about seeing my work get invisibly cut away from me in what seems to be an uncertain future. But … you know that I am a very positive person and I do hope that the future will be brighter. Somehow, someway, this has to all be a part of God’s plan for my life.belle

After all, when I think about it, I remember that my quarterly checks from Tate Publishing were, like,  $0.35.

Yes, it was less than the cost of a stamp. SO…

What can you do? Lots, actually, ranging from A – Z.

Personally, and for the moment, this is what I say:

“Oh, Well…” and I push on, toward the light.

As discussed in the original article on “What Happened to Tate Publishing?” I will keep you informed. My personal goal? To have my grandchildren hold my books in their hands. My plan? I am partnering to start a publishing company that will sell ebooks, for starters. Of course, I’ll keep you advised.

This is certainly a reason to turn something ‘bad’ into something ‘good.’
That’s what The Rebel Patient does.

She thrives on adversity and the sense of impending failure and doom.

She takes the negativity and turns it into positivity.

Her ‘friends’ relish the thought of seeing her fail.

She moves forward, each step of the way, striving.

Like herself, The Rebel Patient wants you to (you guessed it) …

Be the  Best Person You can Be,

Each Step of the Way!

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

traintrackstonowhereI don’t know where the train tracks lead,

but I’m going to stay on them.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

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