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I’m a prolific writer these days, because … there’s so much to say!

One reason there’s so much to say is because government restrictions leave doctors and patients with unusual concerns about treating chronic pain.

Keep that child-like, inquisitive nature of yours and let it guide you.

I took the Hippocratic Oath. Like millions of others before and after me, I’ve done my best to abide by them.

Here are a few recent pieces as a columnist for Pain News Network:

Why Human Suffering Should Bother You 

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Why human suffering should bother you, written as a perspective on chronic pain and the opioid crisis. Emphasis: Hippocratic oath.

Patients go to doctors when they have pain and doctors can give them opioid medication to relieve that pain. That should not bother you because it is a decision made between the physician and the patient.


5 Reasons to Max Out on Twitter for Pain Week

More than ever, you need to be on Twitter…

Twitter is a great tool for patient advocacy and healthcare optimization.

More than ever, you need to be on Twitter if you love to advocate…


5 Things to Know about Epidural Injections

Some patients with neck and back pain report that their doctor requires them to get epidural steroid injections (ESI’s) before they are prescribed opioid pain medication. Many do not realize that the procedure or any use of drugs for spinal injection is not FDA approved and is considered “off label.”

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