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I pin. A lot.

I’ve been doing it for about seven years. I love to library all my blogs and medical articles – pinning feels like a combination of facebook, Twvrooomitter, shopping, and multiTweeting … and if you have anything to sell, it’s getting easier and easier to sell on Pinterest, too!

So get your engines warmed up, once again! Because, well, you know…


We’re going to My Secret Pinterest places!

mysecretssocialmediaIs it just me, or do your fingers also get rather tender from all the typing, Tweeting, Re-Tweeting (RT), and scrolling up and down on the mouse? Jumping from Twitter to G+ to my blogs here and there … then scrolling up and down, too … all these things wear out my finger pads! But Shhh! Did I just tell you that? Well, Pinterest is upgrading to save my fingers and it’s so exciting because I really know Pinterest! 

One of my favorites is to let you know that when you make a Pinterest Board, you can go there, create other Boards, then re-pin here and there for great content specific for different audiences, say for a budding rock star vs immunonutrition vs a ‘gift to Stacy Hall and @fibromadness.’ . And … each time you (or anyone else) re-pins any pin, they can (1) Facebook and (2) Tweet it out at the same time!

I call Pinterest the 3-in-1 Special

Here are 5 of My Secret Places:


The Pinterest Tool Bar is COOL.

  1. The Pinterest tool bar (left). This icon is seen to the left. Pin from any website on earth. For example, if you have it on your tool bar now, you can Click on it and see all my images turned into Pins! BAM! You can go here to get it now. It’s great for beginners. It’s just fun!

# # #



“Free for All” Pinterest Board

2. My “Free for All” Pinterest Board (right). I literally try to Pin every single pin to this Board. I think everyone should have their own! For example, here’s Happy Valentine’s Day to You! I’ve already Tweeted them out & I’ll FB them tomorrow!

# # #


3. My Featured Pinterest Board. For my social media friends to enjoy, I tuck away cute quotes or images. It’s just a great and simple way to enjoy people, places, and great times!

# # #


4. My Twitter Boards. This is for the medium-experienced blogger on Twitter & Pinterest. So go ahead and set up a Pinterest Board for your website, and another for your Facebook, and another for your Tweets! And then you could even have another Board that mixes them all up! Here are some pins made from tweets:This very blog, “Dr. Author” corresponds with Twitter  “Dr. Author” . This image is the Pinterest Board, located here.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 6.36.04 PM

And Happy Day to several Social Media buddies on Twitter!


Twitter’s @JETAR9 is Amazing! Best Wishes for a Happy  Day!

5. Promote your App on Pinterest. With today’s social media efforts looking to stretch further and further into practical purchases, people can now download your app from Pinterest! Sweet!

As with all social media, sites receive better engagement if you have about 80% content from others, and 20% content from yourself. Share and share alike, including sending off some invitations for others to share a Pinterest Board! It’s all good!

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