Dr Margaret Aranda
Los Angeles, California

Bio: Lookin' Out for #MyCaringFriends!' ~ Dr. Margaret Aranda A KeckUSC and Stanford-trained physician, Dr. Aranda is now disabled after a car accident, 2x traumatic brain injury with diabetes insipidus (TBI with DI) x 2 (doctor dropped her the 2nd time), dysautonomia and gastroparesis. Writing to keep you informed and smiling! MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. These writings are for informational purposes. See your doctor in person for any medical complaints. THE REBEL PATIENT NEW BOOK: Coming in June (maybe your doctor will want to read it)! Pre-Order #mycaringfriends here: http://www.saysagainspirational.com And it's a BE HAPPY BUNDLE 3 ITEMS - 99 cents! Hurry for your ebooks & soundtrack! Offer ends June 12, 2017. A portion of book sales will go to SlaySarcoma.com to benefit Drs. Amy Reed and Hooman Noorchashm, champions for patient safety and research.

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