I Don’t Know where the Train Tracks Lead


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About two days ago, I received unofficial word that Tate will end up keeping any and all money made from any book sales. Reportedly, they are not paying Amazon and other vendors for services. This is just the word. I have not confirmed it. Of course, I’m not going to call them. Reportedly, it is very difficult to have someone answer their phone.

I’m not going to get in a huff about this.
I’m going to remain composed and logical.


I’ll just keep smiling in a classy sort of way,
Plugging like a locomotive snow train sort of day.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

Onward & Forward We Go!

I’ve been marketing my own books, together with a group of lovely Twitter friends who I respect and admire (so many to include, and I just can’t do it, but thank you to all!). And I know authors struggle, in general, anyway, and I promised to keep people informed, as I was informed. So that is what I am doing.

I was adjusting to this news until now,

and have not made any changes in what I am doing.

But probably within a couple of days,

I will stop Tweeting on my own books and instead,

I’ll ‘save’ Tweet collections as in a “Moment”

on each of my Twitter profiles.

Yes, I am sad about seeing my work get invisibly cut away from me in what seems to be an uncertain future. But … you know that I am a very positive person and I do hope that the future will be brighter. Somehow, someway, this has to all be a part of God’s plan for my life.belle

After all, when I think about it, I remember that my quarterly checks from Tate Publishing were, like,  $0.35.

Yes, it was less than the cost of a stamp. SO…

What can you do? Lots, actually, ranging from A – Z.

Personally, and for the moment, this is what I say:

“Oh, Well…” and I push on, toward the light.

As discussed in the original article on “What Happened to Tate Publishing?” I will keep you informed. My personal goal? To have my grandchildren hold my books in their hands. My plan? I am partnering to start a publishing company that will sell ebooks, for starters. Of course, I’ll keep you advised.

This is certainly a reason to turn something ‘bad’ into something ‘good.’
That’s what The Rebel Patient does.

She thrives on adversity and the sense of impending failure and doom.

She takes the negativity and turns it into positivity.

Her ‘friends’ relish the thought of seeing her fail.

She moves forward, each step of the way, striving.

Like herself, The Rebel Patient wants you to (you guessed it) …

Be the  Best Person You can Be,

Each Step of the Way!

~ Dr Margaret Aranda


I don’t know where the train tracks lead,

but I’m going to stay on them.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda



~ ~ ~

You heard it first here!

Coming Soon!

The Rebel Patient

Website and Book,

“The Rebel Patient!”


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I Am The Storm Poem


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“I am the storm” is a “frequently-used” poem.

About a year ago, I first happened across it on my Pinterest Board. Here it is:


When I read it
I almost immediately thought
that the essence
was forged from brimstone
in a firey place of untethered resolve.

~ Dr. Margaret Aranda


I loved it. It congealed with “The Rebel Patient” that I have become. And I know that it speaks to many people. I told my friend, Selim Yeniceri, about it. I said,

“This is you!”


More later. Just absorb the poem.

And see if you think a storm is brewing here.

(Coming Soon! 3 New Books: Dream Tiger, The Rebel Patient and a surprise book)


Join The Rebel Patient on Twitter anytime you wanna.

She’s very popular as a concept in today’s climate. Go figure.


Go be a storm.

Pursue your dreams.

Be relentless.


~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Thank you for reading my writings.

Stay tuned for 3 more parts to this story.

You know I like sequels.

Happy Day!


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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Nothing in any of our articles is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always see a doctor in person for medical problems. Call 911 or use your country code for emergencies.

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If there is lots of blood or broken bones on the car accident scene, or if someone is in a coma, a severe traumatic brain injury can be diagnosed on site.

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Walking in Spirituality


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Medical Disclaimer: Not to be taken as medical advice, cure, or treatment. Speak to a professional, in person, for any problems that you have. It’s okay to talk about personal things with any doctor or nurse. Remember that suicide is never the answer – getting help is the answer. If you or someone you know is in danger due to thoughts of suicide, call 911. To talk about thoughts of suicide, call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) for serious but not immediate danger; call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)  to talk. There is much more to read here:  suicide.org.


These things are my musings:

Stop wasting your time in life, and get to the important mission of your spiritual path.

It’s almost the end of January, 2017 and this year is going to better! Let’s contemplate where we are.

Many people tell me that they don’t  like this life is “real.” They don’t really feel as if they “belong” here on earth, and and they definitely “don’t fit in.” This is such a daily struggle for some that they talk to me, telling me (since I’m a doctor) that they struggle with suicide, daily. It’s because they really do feel that different, and they seek to belong. Their struggle is intense, persistent, and pervasive. They must find themselves.

Perhaps the self-struggle (and that’s what it may be) is because they are more spiritual than they know. Perhaps you are more spiritual than you know, too. Read on.

It’s time for you to start praying to God. There’s no other shortcut that I know, no human that can ‘fix’ this, no medication to take. Perhaps that is because there’s nothing “wrong”  with you and God is calling out for you to seek his face. Maybe your spirit is lonely for God’s spirit.

Searching to belong? You must know that God is watching out for you. Whether you realize it or not, it’s time to give up the struggle to ‘belong.’ No one has to ‘belong.’ It’s genuinely and mathematically correct to not belong, as we are unique.

No one is YOU.

It could be that you don’t ‘belong,’ you never have, you never will, and that’s OK. Why? Because you are different. You are tuned into spiritual things, not material things of this world, as if your tuning is honed into a different wavelength than the norm. Perhaps you need to accept this and be grateful that you are thinking on your own and striving to ‘find’ yourself.

You need to be comfortable in your own skin. walkinginspirituality

I started my spiritual walk when I was seven years old, in 2nd grade. I prayed with my patients, and I’m not the only doctor that does that. After my car accident, I was a Pastor. I have always prayed a lot and people tell me I say good, short, easy prayers. I think this is a good prayer for anyone who wishes to be more spiritual.

🙏🏽 This is my daily prayer:

“Dear God, I come before you seeking Your Will in my life, and I ask you to make yourself known to me. Open the doors that need to be opened, and close the doors that need to be closed.”

“Let me walk in your straight path, keeping my eyes on you. Send me people who bring me closer to you, and allow the negative influences to walk away from me. If I lose everyone but you, I am willing to do that. Thank you, I thank you, God, for making yourself known to me. I will watch for your signs. Lead me, guide me, comfort me. Amen.”

🙂 Now wait, and be expectant and hopeful.

👌🏽 The catch is that when a door slams in your face, you will know it. It will slam hard. But you will also know that you asked for it. So accept it and MOVE ON to the opened doors. Stop wasting your time in life and get to the important mission of your spiritual path. Acknowledge and thank God for answering your prayer. Then, move onward and forward!

🙌🏽 When you see an opened door, it is also important to acknowledge it and thank God for answering your prayer. No one will consider something to be “an answered prayer” because they didn’t say the prayer themselves, they aren’t you, and perhaps they are not walking in spirituality, but in carnality …so be careful who you talk to, as they may oppose your spirituality.


Only you know when your wishes come true. Only you know the true desires of your own heart, and when they are fulfilled.

So never look for validation from someone else. Look inside your own spirit.

You’ll grow your spiritual heart. This will also help you to announce your spirituality to yourself. “Walking in Spirituality” will become a way of life. My book, Stepping from the Edge, teaches you how to Really Believe God. Step-by-step, Workbook style, it gives you the pearls of wisdom gleaned from a hard life filled with obstacles and ‘bad luck.’ I hope you can learn from it, so here is Chapter One, FREE. Winner, Nancy Mills’ Spirited Woman Tip 12 Book Pick List.


All 5 Books by Dr Margaret Aranda won the Top 12 Spirited Woman Award from Nancy Mills, www.theinspiredwoman.com.

Final thought: Perhaps you are in this world,

but are not of this world. Perhaps it’s this way for all of us.

Thank you for reading my writings.

Spurring you on to Momentous Occasions.

Remember to Cherish the Moments.

# # #

# # #

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