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  • Thank you to Author Jane Ann McLachlan whose Blog Hop I did four years ago. These stories are new editions. Thank you also to Morgen Bailey (with an E) for publishing an earlier version of this on her WordPress website: Flash Fiction Fridays
    by Dr Margaret Aranda

    Sheriff John was a Sheriff.

    He wore a shiny badge and shiny boots, and wore a brown cowboy hat with a Sherriff’s golden buckle that covered up all his hair.  I never saw his hair.

    Every week on television in Los Angeles, California, he would sing, “Put another candle on my birthday cake,” as a yummy carousel cake spun around and the camera went in for a close-up.  There were lions and tigers and bears on the carousel.  Roar! They spun around and around, as if dancing in their own world, oblivious to the rest of us.  They were only focused on…

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