This is for you ~ for hope ~ perseverance ~ fighting on ~ don’t take ‘no’ for an answer ~ you may not know why you’re going though what you’re going through ~ many of us walk lonely roads alone ~ but we’re not really alone ~ others have been there before us ~ take all the positive out of your life ~ first look at what made you who you are ~ let’s do simple lessons for real life ~ let’s do simple homework and get you to see what you don’t realize… ~ you are amazing!


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  1. Preface                                                                          (Yes, the Preface = Chapter 1 😉
  2. Introduction
  3. It Wasn’t by Choice
  4. Wildfire
  5. Lean on Me
  6. Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself Again
  7. Praise to the Lord
  8. Believing
  9. Really Believing
  10. Act Like You Believe

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When I was twelve, my father sat me down on the cold street curb after telling me that we were going for a nighttime walk. Never guessing that this memory would stay with me forever, I still remember my puzzled enamor. Why were we going on this walk? Why was he talking to me about the moon? What did this have to do with anything?

It had to do with life, and reaching for the moon, and with striving to achieve. It had to do with thinking “outside the box” and having simple faith, striving to accomplish the impossible, persevering, dreaming one’s dreams, making mistakes every day and growing, putting yourself out there and taking a deep breath, diving into the deep end.

When faced with adversity, compounded circumstances, and technical difficulties, first one has to realize that a quagmire exists. With every quagmire, there exists quicksand and there exists an escape route. Sometimes one has to force this route to turn a lost potential into a full-force challenge. Be up for the challenge. “Patience and fortitude,” my father said. “Patience and fortitude.” Respond without reacting.

Homework 1

List three or more childhood or adult memories that helped to shape who you are today. For example, if you had to cook for seven kids when you were thirteen years old, that probably made you a good cook as an adult.


MEMORIES:                                                                      WHO YOU ARE TODAY

Example: Cooked for 7 kids when I was 13             Good cook, good dishwasher

  1. __________________________                                  _______________________
  2. __________________________                                  _______________________
  3. __________________________                                  _______________________

~ ~ ~

🚀🚀 One can easily see that by doing this exercise, I realized that I’m a good dishwasher, too!  🚀🚀

🚀🚀 I like my kitchen clean and neat and that’s part of who I am. I like myself this way.  🚀🚀

“I’m grateful.”

~Dr. Margaret Aranda

~ ~ ~

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