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 by Dr Margaret Aranda

Writer’s Challenge

 Dr Margaret Aranda’s Memoir Madness: Ages 1 – 31  

Read and enjoy as your Challenge starts on November 1, 2016

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Here’s my Memoir Madness Age 1

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Age 1: A Baby in the Sky for Father’s Day

It was my Father. I knew him. I had no fear. 

My Father held me, the scent of cologne feeling permeating my brain such that I can still close my eyes and smell it. There. I can do it now.  
I know he is gone, but it’s almost like he is just next door, always there. His arms were strong,
his hands with long gentle fingers that played “Two Guitars” on the piano.
Get it?
“Two guitars” playing on “one piano?”
That was his feeling sense of humor.

“If it makes you smile,” he…

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