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The Making of a Woman Intensivist: Age 2Image 1. Awakening. / There was no ‘gradual’ awakening.

She was always busy, busy, busy!

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She thought and thought fast. Her eyes opened, wide awake in a microsecond. Darting them about, “Oh boy!” …it dawned on her like a firecracker that today wa….

“OH! I wanna go out and play all the whole day away!”

She woke up more, immediately with another quick flash.  “Oh!” Determination was sharply set on her smooth face, and her lips perked straight. Wide awake, the little two-year old toddler hurriedly threw the soft cuddly blankets back, sun-drenched room bright, smile in flight.  Her orange night-light was still on, for some reason, and the lavender fragrance sheets spoke of things colored and flowery.

Since her blue gray pajamas were all knitted with dreams of cloud-watching, that was the last thing on her mind. It was the…

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