Dr. Author

I was in medical school, and it was the summer of 1986.

Besides the fact that I needed money and drove an Ice Cream truck (yes, an Ice Cream truck) that summer, a more important thing happened.  I drove from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Los Angeles, California in my little Chevy Sprint car.  It had 3 cylinders just like a motorcycle and got great gas mileage.

There was not a real gas shortage, but I was short on money. (Hence I drove an Ice Cream Truck ~ a pink one.

No one would do that unless they really needed the money.

Image 1. My Pink Ice Cream Truck. It made a great, loud music noise.

My son was then 9 years old; his best friend was Milton.  Milton was two years older than my son, putting him at 11 years of age.  When I drove from California to go finish out…

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