Dr. Author

 / by Dr Margaret Aranda /

She crawled and kicked out of the pool, breathless. 

Sucking in air, gasping and coughing!

Gasping for life!

It was a party of some kind, many people swimming about

(See Image 1).

Age 5: The Edge of the PoolImage 1. The Family Picnic Swimming Pool Party. It all looked so fun, bright colored thingies on top of the water!

All the kids of different ages here, grown-ups there.

Lots of bright colors to match the bright day, screaming, running, bustle of a party.
Kids jumping in, Whoosh! Splashing! She knew how to swim, she did.
Every Mommy was laying in the sun, on a white squishy chair that was criss-crossed, it weaved in and out. But it was not built well, because she noticed that all of Mommy’s body went through the holes in the chair (See Image 2). Same with the other ladies.

It was sorta weird.

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