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/ by Dr Margaret Aranda /

She is still “mi muñeca,” the baby doll of my cuddly kittens when I was

Age Two.

I held mi muñeca so close, skin-to-skin, breathing her scent in, like any new mother finds within. Her pheromones glowed, as did the smell of her baby toes. I never wanted to let her go, you see?

I knew she was just ‘borrowed’ …and I’d have to give her back ‘to the world’ one day …but I held on to her every day, every second, hearing her breath stop in her crib, poking her rib to be sure she would live. People made fun of me for writing her a REAL Ladybug Book for her Two-Year-Old Birthday.


Image 1. Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug. Do You?

They scoffed, and said, “You have too much time.”

They didn’t know that time is relevantly irrelevant in…

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