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g/ by Dr Margaret Aranda /

One of the most wondrous and marvelous events in a lifetime is being a mother.
Bringing home your first, very own newborn is anything but calm.
No need for a  “Mom” or “Newborn” or a “Parent”
– The entire world goes about, not making logical sense.
When my mom had my sisters and brother,
I remember she went to the hospital
To actually have the baby.
She disappeared.

This dependent tiny being is dropped off by the stork,

entering your table just like a fork.

~Dr Margaret Aranda
Age 4:
Age 1. When the Stork Delivers. When I was 4, I actually pondered…

But wait!

The Stork takes the Baby to the Uhmmm…. Hospital? What?

…how this could be?

…wondering simultaneously:

Then … Wait!

Why do we have to go to the hospital to bring home the babee?

Did the stork take the wrong fork, like a…

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